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Daily Fruit

What constitutes having “been” to a state?

Comment by Barb and Lowell from L'Anse across the bay from Baraga
2007-06-09 19:31:45
I suppose soaking up all you can in each state. However, we did stand at the 4 corners 40 years ago. You could say, been there, done that.<br /> With the internet, TV..travel channel, Nat. Geo.channel etc. it is almost like "been" there and no hassel on highways and no hassel with gas or stupid drivers with a cell phone in one hand, coffee in the other and driving with the knees and kids unbuckled in back seat.<br /> Naw, if we go fine....if we don't....fine. Glad you are doing it for us...hugs, B and L
Comment by John Ellenich from ellenich@mac.com
2007-06-10 14:23:54
Spending more than 3.14159265 hours there.
Comment by Jen from Elmwood Park (USA!)
2007-06-10 14:24:36
Stepping both feet on the soil. (Airports don't count)
Comment by Esther from concord
2007-06-10 14:25:03
I know that it's definately not just driving through the state. You have to stay at least a night to make it a visit. Also, you have to have at least a meal there and actually SEE something that's there. Not like..park your car and sleep and then go, ya know??
Comment by Eric Aho from East Lansing
2007-06-10 14:26:05
To have been to a state, I think that you have to spend some time and involvement in at least one activity that is relevant to the area...for example in the state of New York, spending some time in NYC would be appropriate and relevant to that state.
Comment by Kevin from East Lansing
2007-06-10 14:29:46
To actually claim you have been to a state I would say that you would have had to actually set foot on the ground in that state. So, Driving through a state does not count and of course neither does flying over it.
Comment by Zachary Foster from Aura
2007-06-10 14:30:01
Being concious and physically present in a state. I wouldn't really count being in a state if you can't remember it. Like if this guy Phil came over to me during class and was all like, "Hey I've been to Iowa." Then when I say, "Cool Phil...really cool. What did you do there?" And he says to me he says, "I don't know I was sleeping and a baby, but my parents told me we went through it." That doesn't count and Phil is no longer invited over to my house.
Comment by Michael Wendel from East Lansing
2007-06-10 14:40:39
I would have to say to been to a state it would need to be a destination/ experence to a desination. I have drivin thru alot of states. Some I would consider that i have been to. South dakota i visted great places like wall drug. I consider myself as being in that state. Then there is places like i spent a whole night in that state but it was just a hotel. I didn't really do anything at state other than exist while my body rested.
Comment by Emily from East Lansing
2007-06-12 14:58:12
staying the night there.<br /> that would be my guess...
Comment by Emily from Okemos
2007-06-12 14:59:07
Spending at least a few hours there. But not at like a train station or airport.
Comment by Dave Sarazin from Houghton.
2007-06-12 15:03:02
I'm agree with Zach on this one...I only say I've been to states if I've spent a least a few hours in the state, and are conscious. I don't think you necesarilly have to do something that is relevant to the area. I've been to many states where I've only gone to a skatepark...like in wisconsin, I go to skateparks all the time, but I wouldn't count skateparks as a RELEVANT feature to... lets say Milwaukee. As long as you do something that you can make a memory from.
Comment by Morgan from Minneapolis
2007-06-12 15:07:51
Spending the night or at least a really long day there. For example, I would probably say that someone from Indiana had "been" to Michigan if they drove up and spent the day at Grand Haven or something.
Comment by meghan colson from el
2007-06-12 15:27:04
i think experiencing the culture there...not just driving through or stopping there on a flight.
Comment by Mean Baljo from Fowlerville
2007-06-12 15:27:40
I think actually going to the state and spending some time there. I would say that making a stop somewhere (not a rest-stop) in some town for a significant amount of time (like to spend the night or eat or shop) would constitute as having 'been' to a state.
Comment by Naomi from Baton Rouge
2007-06-12 15:28:03
At least spending most of a day out and about. Staying a day at the airport does not count!
Comment by Jeanna from Nebraska City
2007-06-12 15:28:11
Having enjoyed a meal there says you've "been" there. There I go again -always about food! ;-)
Comment by Josh G from okemos
2007-06-12 15:28:38
You have to eat in that state and visit at least one destination other than a rest stop or gas station. Also chatting with a local or two would make it official especially if you end up on a date in that state.
Comment by Jette from Casper
2007-06-12 15:29:51
hmmm... tricky.... i think if you drive threw a state you have beent there,you have seen the land and seen what's it about...When we would go to Michigan we would drive throw alot of states and i collect spoons, and at gas stations i would stop and buy some, so i have been to all those states. but i agree that flying over doesn't count you cant' really expreince a state that high up... and you my friend have "LIVED" and been in each state! (well you will have been to each state when your trip is over) that is what i think
Comment by Mom from Baraga
2007-06-14 21:58:29
You actually have to DO something in that state - even a picnic lunch at a rest area. Or visiting a historical site along the highway. Some kind of stop where you have to get out of the car! Okay, Bugsy.....did we always abide by these rules in our travels?
Comment by Armin from Milwaukee
2007-06-19 11:50:23
After traveling to many places in the USA I think the main factor in having "been" to a state is "Observing".Observing the people, the towns, the landscape.
Comment by Ron from San Diego
2007-06-27 03:14:38
I would just say...being in a state. I think that if you've ever physically been in a state, you've been there. Doesn't seem particularly complicated to me. :)
Comment by Michael from Comber
2007-06-27 11:10:55
Well, flying over is not enough. I always laugh when I hear this one. "I've been to Canada cause i've flown over it!". Generally setting foot in it constitutes. I don't see that you have to spend a certain amount of time there. Although in the spirit of travel, spending some time helps!
Comment by Michelle from Riverside
2007-06-27 19:45:32
You had to touch the ground, walk around! A picture by the state entrance sign is absolute undeniable proof you've been there, done that. Airspace doesn't count!
Comment by Pete from Wauconda
2007-07-09 12:07:57
Feet on the ground and standing still. None of this driving through or stopped at an airport stuff. Turnpike rest areas are suspect, though interesting in their own right.
Comment by b-rit from deer park
2007-07-06 19:51:42
being in a state is an expierence. an event. i think you have to be able to appreciate the state after you leave it.. likke even if its just stopping on the side of the road looking at the ocean or mountains.. idk. thats me.
Comment by Eric from Corpus Christi
2007-07-19 03:45:43
I say driving through it and taking pictures. Been there, Done that.
Comment by Justin from Montgomery
2007-07-31 01:10:58
You must actually step foot on the land. A layover at the airport does not count. If you simply drive through it, I suppose that might count but try to at least step out of the car to get food or gas.
Comment by Jordon from stamford
2007-08-02 10:28:26
Putting your feet on the ground outside of the airport. On my latest x-country road trip I drove 4 hours out of my way into Arkansas just to say I've been there. Only 3 states to go!!!
Comment by Haylee from Maitland
2007-08-12 01:38:06
when you see more than the airport during a layover, or the scenery as you breeze through. actually stopping somewhere and taking in a bit of the local-ness.