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The Windy City

Sep 18, 2006 from Chicago, Illinois

Chicago! I’m ecstatic to be here. This is the first time I’ve ever spent actual time in Chicago. There have been a few times driving through the city and several trips through O’Hare, but not actual time spent in the city. When I was 17 I was able to twist my parents’ arms enough to get them to bring me to a Smashing Pumpkins concert in Chicago. That was a one night deal and a couple hours at the Field Museum the next morning, but not really seeing the city. …
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Fox Lake

Sep 18, 2006 from Chicago, Illinois

Things were very unexpected while in the Lake Villa and Fox Lake area. I’m fortunate that on the kindness of other people I was able to still have a roof over my head and some great food. Kim and Jeff took great care of me for the evening and morning while I was there. Kim is a real estate agent who works from home and Jeff owns the local marina. …
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Sep 15, 2006 from Fox Lake, Illinois

During the many sleepless nights putting this trip together I thought about everything, from the good to the bad. I remember thinking about life lessons that I may learn on the road, from good or bad things that happen. Constantly, I would wonder what those experiences were going to be. This trip is amazing, full of fun and adventure, but it’s still life, fragile in every sense. I arrived at my host’s home, a beautiful home. …
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Thank You Wisconsin

Sep 14, 2006 from Madison, Wisconsin

Thank you Wisconsin. You have been a neighboring state to me my whole life and I didn’t get to see very much of you. Well this week I learned a lot about you. I have to say Wisconsin, you did a great job kicking off this trip. So thank you for being the first state to host me. Now it’s time to move onward, to Illinois. My time in Wisconsin was represented by 21-26 year olds. …
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Spontaneous in Madison

Sep 14, 2006 from Madison, Wisconsin

I arrived in Madison yesterday shortly after noon and it was a day of spontaneity. It began with two girls from the University of Wisconsin Madison who left me a message after seeing the Milwaukee newspaper article. They said they’d be more than happy to have me for the night. So I met up with Nicole and had a pretty long walking tour of campus, State Street, and the capitol. I even had some more delicious ice cream. …
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Cheers to Milwaukee

Sep 13, 2006 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Here’s to Milwaukee. It’s been a great few days in Milwaukee, five nights and fours days to be exact. I’ve experience and learned a lot in the short time I was here. Anah and Dan were fantastic hosts. I commend their bravery to be the first people to host me on this trip. They probably didn’t know what they were getting into, but I hope it was as good for them as it was for me. …
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Falcon Bowl

Sep 13, 2006 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tonight I was introduced to a fine slice of Americana, bowling at the Falcon. It’s only a short drive from Anah and Dan’s. The team consists of Dan, Robby, Kevin, Leif, and Craig. Together they make up “The Bowlsheviks,” an eclectic group of guys, four of the five having full long beards who are all in their mid-twenties. Each of them has a unique personality. Craig, who’s from Texas, loves his cowboy boots and cowboy hat. …
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Sherman School Visit

Sep 11, 2006 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My eyes are opened a little wider. I just got back from speaking to 4th graders in Anah’s art class at Sherman Multicultural Arts School in the heart of Milwaukee. Much the same as before I told them about my project and they had lots of questions and comments. However… it helped me to understand the emphasis of this trip and its potential. These first few states are going to help me develop this trip and the direction it takes. …
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9/11 Five Years Later

Sep 11, 2006 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It’s now five years after September 11th, 2001. Every reporter and blogger across the country is mentioning it today. What makes me feel particularly inclined to write about it is the fact that I’m taking this tour across the United States. As I take this year to explore my country and see great details of it and learn about its citizens I’m sure I’ll become more patriotic. In March this year I took a road trip to NYC with my buddy Devon who’s from Brooklyn. …
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Brewing Around

Sep 10, 2006 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It’s a cold rainy day in Milwaukee. One of those perfect days to sit around, eat, nap, watch TV, and basically be lazy. This evening we’re relaxing around the house. It’s pretty cozy in this big chair Anah and Dan have. This afternoon Dan and I went to the Mitchell Park Conservatory, where they have three domes with different ecosystems. So in one afternoon I went from floral gardens, to the desert, and then to the rain forest. …
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