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Lifestyle Change

Sep 28, 2007 from East Lansing, Michigan

As you can see I haven’t had much to say the last couple weeks. Well, there is quite a lot to say! But I haven’t been feeling the motivation and inspiration. Of course between finding motivation and inspiration I have also been trying to find a place to live, looking for jobs, trying to figure out what I want to do in life, scheduled about 10 speaking engagements, and still haven’t had a real day of relaxation, and still living out of a duffel bag! …
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Driving by Numbers

Sep 27, 2007 from East Lansing, Michigan

29,403 miles – To be honest, it’s just not as many miles as I expected. This is the total miles driven in my Jeep, however. This doesn’t include many hours being in vehicles of hosts, trains, subways, planes, and even boats. Lots of travel time. Before the trip I was estimating closer to 40,000 miles, while others warned that I would probably hit 60,000. $3,294.54 of gas – This was actually surprisingly close to my estimate of gas cost. …
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Comforts of Home

Sep 25, 2007 from East Lansing, Michigan

For one short week I was able to enjoy my favorite comforts of home. It was short lived. I feel like I needed at least another week it not more. Unfortunately, I was a little sick half of the time I was home. And to be honest I was a little dumbfounded to be home. After a year I found myself not knowing what to do with myself. This year trained me to visit 24/7, always having to try and find a conversation with guests, finding new things to do, and whatever else. …
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Finding a Place to Live

Sep 23, 2007 from Baraga, Michigan

Alright everyone, here’s the deal, I am homeless and unemployed and have been for quite some time. For a while I’m sure I will do the Michigan version of The Hometown Invasion Tour as I follow up with a post-tour promotion. To say it simply, I NEED A PLACE TO CRASH! Hopefully some friends and family in Michigan will be willing to put me up for a while as I recover from my financial shambles. …
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Ready for More, Stay Tuned

Sep 22, 2007 from Baraga, Michigan

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning in Baraga. It’s hard to believe after last night. There I was with my parents enjoying the big rivalry high school football game between Baraga and L’Anse. The sky got dark, then darker yet. Lightening and thunder started rumbling, then the rain came blowing in sideways at probably 40 or 50 mph. It would have been perfect for a football game. That’s why bad weather was created, for football. …
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Home: 375 Days Later

Sep 18, 2007 from Baraga, Michigan

For the first time in 375 days and over 100 different beds, I have finally made it home and fallen asleep in a bed that I once slept in before. That’s the final count of days, 375 days from the day I left my house in Baraga on September 8th, 2006 to returning here tonight. Of course there are several changes. I know longer have MY bedroom. Since I left the walls and floor have all changed. …
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The Mackinac Bridge

Sep 18, 2007 from Baraga, Michigan

A few months ago I wrote a blog about a “Michigan finale”. At the time I thought I would be lucky to pull off any of them. At another point it looked as though they all might come true. Well one of them has, and I thought it would be the hardest one to pull off: going to the very top of the Mackinac Bridge. The Mackinac Bridge is Michigan’s greatest and most recognizable asset. …
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Lunch with the Ladies

Sep 13, 2007 from Battle Creek, Michigan

So today I headed to Battle Creek for the afternoon. During this trip there have been a select few people who claim to have read every blog entry and I’ve never been more honored by those people than meeting today’s readers. They are my 84-year old Grandma Sailor and her 88-year old friend Lorena. What makes it more special is the effort. Neither of them have a computer, and my aunt printed every blog entry for my grandma to read, she would then pass it to Lorena. …
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What's Next?

Sep 12, 2007 from East Lansing, Michigan

Now that I near the end of my trip this is the most common question I’m asked. Friends, family, fans, and strangers I talk to at the gas station are all asking this question when they hear about my adventure. I wish I could say what’s next after The Hometown Invasion Tour is over (of course things like speaking engagements, press, essays, and a book will all be coming as well). …
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Looking for a Job

Sep 12, 2007 from East Lansing, Michigan

Calling all potential employers! I am unemployed and looking for work. Are you and your company looking for a great employee? Because I think I’m your guy. The biggest statement I could make about my experiences this year is that I took a significant idea, a dream that many thought couldn’t be done, and made it happen. I gave it my passion and effort. I have exemplified what it means to be dedicated. …
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