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The Roseburg Shorts

Thursday, Nov 16, 2006 from Roseburg, Oregon

What a day, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, here’s how it all went down. This is one of the books.

7:00 AM Meet Randy at the station for a morning radio interview to talk to Roseburg, hear some feedback from listeners, share some stories, and get a feel of what it’s like to work at a radio station. If I was a better speaker I might consider it some day.

9:00 AM Get some b-roll and interview footage with the film crew following me around, taping while driving on the road, getting some quotes, directing me, and just about everything else you can do with a film crew in a couple hours. They followed me from 7AM to 4PM. I felt like I was on a reality TV show, which is good and bad. It was an interesting experience, but pretty cool all in all. It attracts a lot of attention around town with all this equipment and a video and a sound guy following me.

11:30 AM Head to Anderson Place Market. Randy had a special treat lined up for me before arriving in town. Randy asked before arriving, “What do you think about trying new foods?” I replied, “No problem, that’s what this trip is all about, trying new things.” “Even Rocky Mountain Oysters?” Randy asked. “Sure, you bet.” Well it wasn’t until the next morning I remembered I saw them somewhere before and it hit me what they actually were (but don’t think that I’m going to tell you). At that point I said to myself, “No way can I do that.” But, I’m a trooper, I gave him my word. So they there were, all prepared by Danny (who is a great guy!). I dug in, made sure to get as much dressing on it as possible and took a big bite. Not bad! You just have to put it in the back of your head of what you’re actually eating.

12:15 PM Break for lunch. Learn a little about the film crew. It’s cool how a semi driver goes from that to being a videographer and how an air force pilot goes to being a sound producer.

1:00 PM Get a quick ride in another log truck after meeting Rick. Amazing how Rick is willing to just meet up after hearing from us only minutes before to lend us some time. But I’ve learned that’s how people in Roseburg work, always willing to contribute and offer something.

2:00 PM Meet Randy’s mom who is full of hugs for everyone. There is no question about it that she’s a loving mother and very caring. She was happy for us to swing by and say hi and I was very honored to meet her. Mothers a very special.

2:30 PM Meet Milo. Now Milo is one of the coolest characters I’ve met on the trip. Let’s put it this way, I’m a wimp. I whine about driving 550 miles in a day, well Milo hops on his 1971 Harley and does 1080 miles in a day. While Milo is well known around town for owning Oregon Tool and Supply he is know more so for his unique Harley Rat Bike. He hasn’t washed the bike in years and every trip he goes on he fastens something new to the bike. There is everything from photos, alligators, road kill, train horn, fire engine horn, and just about anything you can imagine. The most unique thing he’s been given is ashes from someone he met on the road who wanted their family member to be spread across the country. Looking at Milo and looking at his bike you would never put the two together. Milo is a one of a kind guy with a sharp personality that’s as kind and generous as they come. All he simply wants to do with his bike is brighten up someone’s day.

4:00 PM The highlight of being in Roseburg came when I was inducted as an honorary member of the Roseburg Chapter of the Red Neck Yacht Club. With a t-shirt and everything I’ve been assigned to be the navigator. It all went down at Nilknarf’s and was a memory that will laugh a lifetime. Everyone was there to welcome me to town, to meet me, to say hi, to hear my stories and to just hang out. There was a great sense of belonging with everyone there. It was fantastic and unbelievable to see that many people want to hang out for one little project I’m doing (because remember, this is a small one, this is just a trial run for what’s to come). I’m honored to be a member of the Red Neck Yacht Club. These people are sincere through and through and have shown so much encouragement to me wishing me the time of my life and sharing their thoughts of what a phenomenal adventure it will be for me. It hit a little deeper at the gathering knowing that I’ll always have a place to stay in Roseburg and there’s a bunch of people who will always look forward to welcoming me to their homes as well.

6:30 PM Grab dinner at Larry’s house with his wife. We chowed down on some tremendous chicken and rice. And despite how good of a meal it was I’ll remember the laughs and stories we all shared far more than that well-earned meal after a hectic day. They warmed my heart. To meet these people and be strangers it didn’t last long. I saw that anyone Randy befriended, they befriended as well. After spending only a couple hours of time with them tonight and a few minutes here and there the last couple days it was hard to say goodbye. Larry gave me one giant hug and one of the biggest and most sincere best wishes that I’ve ever had. This meant something to me that I can’t describe and will always remember. From zero to best friends in a matter of hours. Thanks for the stories, laughs, and encouragement!

11:00 PM This has been one grand day that I will never forget. Now I’m exhausted and ready for bed. It’s been one of the longest days of the trip and I managed to survive. Tomorrow I hit the road again and it’s going to be hard to leave, as always. These people have been very good to me, accepting me into their lives and homes. It will be remembered!

Blog Date Posted: Nov 16, 2006 | 1085 words | comments 2 Comments
Comment by Barb and Lowell
From L'Anse, MI

Sounds like Roseburg is that one piece of Americana that we all long for.......for our beloved America. Smiles and hugs..Be safe and loving your trip and adventures. B and L across the Bay....

Comment by Kia Gregory
From Roseburg, OR

A day late, or about five months short. If I would'a known you were in town we totally would have had you over for dessert. Good luck!