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Superbowl Ratings

Monday, Feb 5, 2007 from Loup City, Nebraska

My Hosts // A+ The way families gather for the Superbowl every year really makes it feel like another big holiday. If all of the health driven new years resolutions haven’t been broken yet I’m sure they were all broken at one Superbowl party or another. Mine was spent with yet another couple who are hosting me for two nights here in Loup City, Junior and Bunny. They have five children who are all out on their own, but one of their daughters and her family came over for the game and dinner. We enjoyed some nice Nebraska steaks right from the cattle they raise a few miles from here. Another cozy warm house (and really cool house) where I can watch the Superbowl from.

Weather // A+ Amazing! This rain was fantastic. Now lots of people may disagree with me, but I love a football game where the weather is a factor. I think it’s the way football should be. Sadly you never see mud in football anymore, even the fields with real grass have such good draining systems you hardly see a spot of dirt. I like different situations and having to play through something, it makes for a better game. I don’t want to see every game identical where it’s perfect conditions, that’s just boring.

The Game // B Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith are two amazing coaches that I would love to play for. They’re both respectable coaches who have put two amazing teams together with a lot of character. I was happy to see both teams in the Superbowl and didn’t have much of a preference. I’ve always wanted to see the Colts there, but I’m a guy who roots for the underdog. The turnovers were nuts. In terms of quality of playing the rating would be terrible, but in terms of fans and entertainment it was a heck of a game to watch, especially the first half. As for the MVP, how predictable. I don’t think it matters how the Colts won, they would just hand it to him. The quarterbacks get too much attention.

Ads // C- Michigan State University gave me a great education and a bachelor’s degree in advertising. Advertising is something I love and a big reason for me to watch the Superbowl. Of course lots of people watch the Superbowl for the ads in this era, but it’s quite different when you studied it for a couple years and have a degree in it. The ads weren’t anything great. There were a handful that gave me some light chuckles, but not one that made me burst out laughing like in previous years. However, laughter isn’t the point of an advertisement. Advertising is about return and I bet SalesGenie.com has a lot more return than any of the other companies. It’s a place to break through. I see beer commercials every other time I watch a sports event. It was a boring ad, but their sale will go up. How much do Bud Light’s sales go up? In the last couple years Emerald Nuts and Go Daddy have been two smaller companies to break through the ice. Also, when a company is spending $2 million for an ad and so many commercials going for humor, it really gives a smaller company a chance to stand out with a really effective ad that gives more than just talk around the office tomorrow morning.

CBS // D+ Television coverage doesn’t really have a lot of range to it, but I thought the announcers quite boring. When the Colts became the 41st Superbowl champs the announcers didn’t even break another decibel from the levels they were talking the rest of the game. It was uneventful coverage. Just listening to the coverage and muting out every time they say Superbowl you would have thought that it was just any other regular NFL game.

Pre-Game Show // F What was that? It was football meets the circus on LSD. I don’t think it was very entertaining, maybe to the point where it leaves everyone scratching their heads. The Superbowl is such a huge event and it tries to reach all demographics, but I think they just missed on this one. Sorry. I would rather watch one of those contests where if a guy kicks a field goal he wins a bunch of money, that’d be much better.

Halftime Show // B+ Pretty good! I’ve never been a fan of Prince or familiar with his work but he did great. There wasn’t all sorts of extra junk and unneeded things going on. There was still extra stuff, but it wasn’t taken to an extreme like it has been in previous shows and like the pre-game show. Basically, it was just a guy jammin’ on his guitar and singing in the rain. That’s good stuff.

So rather than breaking down all the ads right away I figured I would break the whole thing down from my opinion. I’ll probably do a break down of my favorite ads as well… I feel rather obligated considering my degree. So if you actually read this entire blog let me know what you thought as well.

Blog Date Posted: Feb 5, 2007 | 865 words | comments 6 Comments
Comment by Jen
From Leeds, UK

Game: F- Okay, so perhaps I'm a little biased but watching the game almost made me ill. Did someone grease the ball before hand? You would think the Bears never saw rain before. Not only did 'Bad Rex' show up without any offense, but the super-hero defense seemes to have left after the first quarter. Even the special teams pretty much stopped making plays after Devon Hester's TD return in the first 14 seconds. But I digress, as I suppose I should save this for a 'Depressed Bears Fans' forum. The game was a lot closer than a lot in the past, where they have generally been blowouts. So that added to the excitement.You had a lot of history being made with Lovie and Tony going head to head, Peyton Manning and the debate on whether he deserves the praise he has been given over the years, and the fact that the Bears hadn't been in it 21 years. The announcers are never that exciting on the national (or internatioal in my case; they had a former rugby player doing commentary!) broadcasts. They generally have to stay neutral and composed, which frankly I find annoying. It's the Superbowl, how can you NOT be excited?! The radio broadcasts are a completely different story; they usually sound like they've given themselves a hernia. Overall I'd say the game won't really go down as one of the most memeorable displays of footbal skill, as the amount of turnovers and stupid penalties were atrocious on both sides. (Unfortunately the Colts seemed to be able to adjust to it better than the Bears.) Make it 18 degrees and snowing and Vince Lambardi would be on his way to Chicago! Anywho, at least the half-time show wasn't as big a zoo as it has been in the past. (Nice touch with the addition of 'Purple Rain' in the rain at the end there.) They only showed about 6 different commercials at most over here, so I'll take your word on that one. There was a pretty decent size crowd that filled up the Hard Rock Cafe here though; as they 'sold-out' on tickets to get in to watch. (They were free.) Impressive following for a game pretty much confined to the U.S. and being played in the wee hours of a Monday morning. The country leaves a footprint everywhere!

Comment by Dave
From Miami Beach, FL

Personally, I thought the game was strange. It did not seem like a championship game at all, the weather made for a BAD game in my opinion. But the sportscasters were TERRIBLE, in my opinion they really sucked. No excitement, no atmosphere. Also, the on-screen graphics appeared to be almost retro, I was surprised.

Comment by dad
From baraga, MI

That's my Boy!!! I agree with everything Bugsy except the 1/2 time. If you want a concert, go to a concert. Lets have some college band perform or some punt, pass and kick competition like you suggested. I was hopeing the rain would short out his guitar and give him a zap, guess he forgot to plug it in. All of you are right, the CBS crew is the most boring bunch of guys you can have. Bring on Madden or Bradshaw, someone that gets excited about the game.

Comment by Jen again
From Leeds, UK

Alright I know I've taken up more than my fair share of comment space already, but I was just thinking; Second only to baseball, football is pretty much the most popular sport in America. The NFL doesn't struggle to find an audience for the first 18 weeks, why do they suddenly feel the need to bring in so much fluff and side entertainment for the culmination of all the drama that happened in the months preceding? You don't see the MLB bringing in jugglers and acrobats to perform during the 7th inning stretch of a World Series Game 7; the NBA doesn't stop for twenty minutes in the middle of a playoff game for a concert; the biggest non-hockey attraction during the Stanley Cup is the Zamboni Machine. Since when is a Nation-wide Championship football game not exciting enough? Lifetime isn't holding wet T-shirt contests to attract a broader range of fans. MTV isn't going to broadcast Martha Stewart in order to expand their market. Why do we insist on completely ignoring the last 16 Sundays and compromising the soap opera of the game itself? And as much as I look forward to the new crop of commercials to weigh in on, the Superbowl parties, and religious-holiday like approach to the day, the whole set-up still just doesn't seem right. At the risk of sounding utterly cliche, sometimes more is just that, more. I'll hand over my soap-box now and keep the rest of my post-defeat lamenting to myself, on this day of mourning. Maybe I'll get "Wait 'Till Next Year" tattooed on my forehead. :(

Comment by Bugsy
From Loup City, NE

Jen, your comments crack me up! You're funny, terribly funny, and a great writer. Please leave me more as they make my day and entertain me. And I usually agree with 95% of the things you say. Great stuff!

Comment by Kristi Sauer
From Hugo, MN

I thought Prince playing the half-time show was the absolute highlight of the entire game! The second half was just booooorrrrring.