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Daily Fruit

Birthdays Rock

Saturday, Feb 10, 2007 from Nebraska City, Nebraska

It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, you would cry too if it happened to you. I have absolutely nothing to cry about though, maybe tears of joy and success if I got really sappy. But I always sing those lyrics on my birthday switching out the party and throwing in birthday, it’s a great classic oldies song.

February 10th is always a big day in the Sailor family. I still don’t believe that I’ve ever met anyone else whose sibling has the same birthday one year apart. My poor brother, I’m sorry Adam, I probably ruined your birthday forever. There you were about to turn one and your very first birthday present in life was a pesky little whiny brother. Good family planning mom and dad! It’s awesome to share a birthday with my brother and it was always special, my mom would always have to make two cakes that day, one for each of us. As a young kid the coolest thing was coming home from school and seeing the cake my mom made, it was the highlight of the day many times. She has made trains, ice rinks, hockey jerseys, even a miniature ski hill.

This is my first birthday spent outside of Michigan. Usually for my birthday I always want to go snowboarding or maybe play hockey. I love having my birthday in the winter in Michigan, especially in the Upper Peninsula. And I always felt very special to have my birthday on the same week as my favorite holiday, Valentine’s Day (so I’ll probably rant about that on the 14th). Also on my birthday I’m thinking about I want this and I want that. However, this year I haven’t spent a minute thinking about that leading up to today. The coolest part of this birthday is I’m living a dream, I’m doing exactly what I want to be doing. I managed to put a “job” together where I’m using my degrees and all of my hobbies. Birthdays rock! And I’ve only come across a couple on my trip so far.

Cheers! …with ice cream and cake (for breakfast!) to all the February 10th birthdays out there.

Blog Date Posted: Feb 10, 2007 | 369 words | comments 13 Comments
Comment by Mom
From Baraga, MI

I almost made a cake in honor of both of your birthdays because I was feeling a bit melancholy not having you here to celebrate! We sure did have great cakes and parties and fun over the years, and now to believe that Adam is 25 and Bugsy 24....WOW....I don't feel that old to have kids that old! Carol T. told me to bake a cake anyway and we'll have a party without the birthday boys! I am happy you had some birthday cake, Bugsy...makes me fell better! Miss you both, escpecially today, and send lots of love.

Comment by Barb and Lowell
From L'Anse across the Bay, MI

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Bugsy..........Happy Birthday to you and Adam. 3 in L'Anse share your B-Day. James Lawson, Joel Kemppainen and Tim Ross. Awwww. Cake and icecream...enjoy.

Comment by Aunt Catherine
From Grandville , MI

Happy Birthday Bugsy, it is cold and snow in drifts out in the back yard and you can almost see the mail boxes up and down the street. Eat cake and ice cream all day long. Happy b-day to Adam. We are enjoying your trip, thanks for taking us along.

Comment by Adam
From Madison, WI

Happy Birthday!!

Comment by Jen
From Leeds, UK

Little siblings are God's gift to the world. We all know it's true. Happy D.O.B to you both!

Comment by Linda
From Peru, NE

Hey, it was great to meet you on your birthday. I think we could have talked forever. I know you will have a great day, Jeanna is the best host..she even makes answering the phone special, so I know your birthday will be great and full of LOCAL FLAVOR:) Linda

Comment by the vukelich's
From WBL, MN

Happy Birthday Bugsy!! Hope your birthday is the best day ever,where ever you are in the US... wish Adam a happy birthday too. Talk to you soon!! love, The Vukelich's

Comment by Nancy
From San Luis Obispo, CA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUGSY!!! I haven't had a chance to talk to you in way too long, but I of course have been following your trip!! I hope your birthday is half as special as I think you are!! I will email you and catch you up on San Luis Obispo, you left alot of friends who love you here! Especially me, I love you and miss you like crazy!! Happy Birthday from Jim and Duke too!! Love, Nancy

Comment by Nicole P.
From Chicago, IL

Happy Birthday! I just went snowboarding for the first time today!

Comment by Kristi Sauer
From Hugo, MN

Happy Birthday Justin! Its my birthday today, the day after yours! PS, my dad, his brother AND his sister all have their bdays on the exact same day, one year apart, within two hours birthtime. 12-30-45, 12-30-46, 12-30-47. They went down in history! All natural births, all on their due dates. They ahve a huge party every year!

Comment by angela
From ferndale, MI

wow happy birthday!

Comment by Carol Tembreull
From L'Anse, MI

Happy Birthday Bugs, I am glad to hear you had cake on your birthday. I'm not sure who enjoys birthdays more the children or the parents. Take Care and God Bless. Carol

Comment by Shawnna Silvius
From Nebraska City, NE

Happy Birthday from all of us at LNC in Nebraska City! If we'd known your birthday was only two days away when we saw you, we could have had cake delivered!! Cheers to you and best wishes on the rest of your journey. God bless & keep you safe in your travels - Shawnna