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101 Things About Me

Monday, Aug 28, 2006 from Lansing, Michigan

  1. My full name is Justin William Sailor
  2. My nickname is Bugsy
  3. I was born February 10th, 1983
  4. I was born in Midland, MI
  5. I’m a Yooper
  6. My family moved to Baraga, MI when I was one
  7. I painted myself blue when I was one
  8. I’m right-handed
  9. I’m a direct descendent of a passenger from the Mayflower
  10. I’m related to Rebecca Nurse (first witch prosecuted in Salem witch trials)
  11. My brother and I share the same birthday, one year apart
  12. I started playing hockey at age 5
  13. I played goalie once in my life, we lost 12-1
  14. I refereed youth hockey
  15. Our Odyssey of the Mind team went to states three of four years
  16. My first job was washing cars at a dealership
  17. I’ve never had cotton candy
  18. The fastest I’ve solved a Rubik’s cube is 1 min 6 sec
  19. I usually cut my hair once every 9-12 months
  20. My first car was a 1983 Mercury Cougar
  21. I have large hockey card and autograph collections
  22. Our team won the local little league championship my last year
  23. I played football in 9th grade
  24. In elementary school I was voted “Best Dribbler” in basketball
  25. I had 8 stitches in my right eye brow when I was 4 or 5
  26. I’ve broken my right pinky
  27. In 6th grade I had a serious concussion after volunteering to be thrown down a hill
  28. I spent 6 weeks on crutches after breaking my ankle skateboarding
  29. My first concert was Weird Al Yankovic
  30. My favorite band is The Smashing Pumpkins
  31. I was photo editor for the nation’s largest published yearbook at MSU
  32. I have a B.A. in Advertising and a B.A. in Sociology
  33. I graduated college with 158 credits and a 3.23 GPA
  34. I lived in the dorms for five years with pride and loved the dorm food
  35. I love ping pong, pool, foosball, and darts
  36. I was voted “Most Original” my senior year of high school
  37. I’m notorious for taking long showers
  38. I can’t let my knees touch when I’m sleeping
  39. My first drink of alcohol was five months after I turned 21
  40. Ice cream is an extremely big addiction for me
  41. My 2nd biggest addiction is the world wide web
  42. Class, college, professors, and lecture are fantastic
  43. I love being in nature
  44. I can’t stand horoscopes
  45. Astronomy is a secret passion
  46. Our first family dog was named Taco
  47. My heart melts for little kittens
  48. I went a full year without drinking soda, and still cannot handle carbonated drinks
  49. I love math and statistics, but I hardly remember any of it
  50. Biology, economics, and accounting were my three most dreaded subjects
  51. Cereal is amazing
  52. But not as amazing as bacon
  53. Yellow is my favorite color
  54. I’m obsessed with Burton Snowboards
  55. I was once able to ollie down a set of seven stairs on a skateboard
  56. I was once able to do 900s and inverted 720s snowboarding
  57. I love to laugh at social norms like the color pink which have no impact on life
  58. My favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day
  59. Piano is my favorite instrument, can’t play, but grew up listening to my mom and brother play
  60. My biggest fears are going blind or paralyzed
  61. I’m paranoid about forgetting things and not documenting everything
  62. I struggle to manage all of my ideas
  63. My excessive use of post-it notes is out of control
  64. I’m obsessed with print quality in magazines, books, paper, etc
  65. I’m not a big fan of TV
  66. My favorite fruit is bananas
  67. My favorite artists are Andy Warhol and David Kinsey
  68. I’m embarrassed by the fact that I can hardly swim
  69. I pick the peanuts out of Chex mix
  70. My favorite pizzas are chicken garlic, tostada, chicken fajita, veggie, and sausage & green pepper
  71. My favorite animals are squirrels and lions
  72. If I had a lucky number I would want it to be three
  73. I only buy Pilot V-Ball Extra Fine pens, I always carry one red and one black
  74. I can’t play any instruments
  75. I love garlic
  76. I’ve never been in a fist fight
  77. Except for hockey, but that’s all part of the game
  78. Monopoly is my favorite board game, and I don’t stop until the game is over
  79. My favorite drink is chocolate milk
  80. I’ve never had a traffic ticket
  81. I snowboarded next to Shaun White in Park City, UT
  82. I’ve met Olympic silver medalist Gretchen Bleiler
  83. I could live on Lipton Sides for years
  84. My favorite book is “Walking” by David Thoreau
  85. I usually don’t put any condiments on hamburgers or hotdogs
  86. I thrive on adrenaline rushes such as roller coasters
  87. I hate copy machines and office phones
  88. Clocks in the same room that say different times is a huge pet peeve
  89. I love grocery shopping
  90. I can’t spend longer than 30 minutes in a mall
  91. I love accents of all kinds
  92. I’m not very good at using the words “good” and “well” properly
  93. I write poetry occasionally
  94. I punched my brother’s tooth out on the bus ride home when we were younger
  95. I have a crush on Natalie Portman
  96. I eat jelly sandwiches without peanut butter
  97. My favorite star is Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis)
  98. Me and my brother once had a guinea pig named Rocky
  99. I once tried to run on a treadmill backwards and got thrown off hard
  100. I dream of having a coffee table book published
  101. I thrive on creativity
Blog Date Posted: Aug 28, 2006 | 889 words | comments 5 Comments
Comment by Jillian
From Rapid City, SD

I am almost embarassed for reading this entire thing at 11:15pm, but it was oddly enjoyable. :p

Comment by Bugsy
From Morgantown, WV

*17 is no longer true, it is now a list of 100 things about me. On July 31st, 2007 at about 11:00pm in Bellevue, PA I had my first taste of cotton candy.

Comment by Bugsy
From Bellbrook, OH

*80 is also no longer true. I had a speeding ticket in Oregon, 10 miles north of CA border. That was a long time ago, not even two months into the trip. Clean as can be since.

Comment by Cal
From The 'Ville, MI

I met you right when you pulled into the parking lot at the State game (Sept. 8). Me and my friends saw your Jeep and thought, "Lets harass this guy." Turns out, you've inspired me a little bit. I have a temporary job at General Motors right now, and I think I am going to try and pitch something like this to them. I don't want to do the exact same thing though. If it ever happens I'll let you know...wait! Produce fifty illegitimate children in 50 states!?!?...no? Yeah, you're right... *Still thinking*

Comment by Barb
From L'Anse across the bay from Baraga, MI

Oh, my gosh! Has this been here for a year? I am still laughing. Loved the way you numbered everything and then changed a few as life moved on. There will be many more additions and deletes. Enjoyed reading about you. You are grounded with just a GREAT family. B and L