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The Best Day Ever

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 from Boise, Idaho

The worst day of the trip turns into the best day of the trip. That’s right, for a little while it was the worst day. It was miserable. The pain of the 1lb burger and 1lb of tater tots started to disperse and things became amazing. And here are the stories that made up October 30th, 2006 in Boise, Idaho, the best day ever.

Banks Teddy set out to take me on a secret adventure. We headed to Banks. Along with use was of course, my main man Joey (what up Joey! Joey wanted some special props on the site, I’ve gotta give it to him, he’s only the coolest kid ever to live in Idaho). Also we had Cole and Dan. We pull the car over and Teddy gets out a flashlight, although it’s still late afternoon. Ut oh. Then I see this tiny little hole on the face of this rock wall and I knew that was our destination. In we went to this little cave. It was pitch black and went about 40 yards, but they were sure to scare Dan pretty well first. Oh it was great! And we spent a while exploring the Boise River looking for places to cross so we could explore some other caves. But it was an impossible feat. Mostly I stood in awe of the crisp clear water where I could see straight to the bottom despite its depth. Perhaps the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. The exploration was fantastic. And of course you had to see the fun we had in the car. It’s not too often that five 20-year olds are blasting Enrique Iglesias and singing along to every word.

Bowling After a long afternoon of digesting and trying to get my body up to par we met up with Kristy, Nancy, and Kayla. After hitting up IHOP we headed to the bowling alley. Game on. I love competition even when it’s just a friendly game. And bowling always makes for entertaining photos. Of course (as I’m sure you’ve seen) there is never a dull moment with this crew and you better be ready with your camera at every second. My first game was pretty weak, a pretty big disappointment, something like a 113. Not very good for someone who took bowling for a semester in college. But it was game on for round two. For most of the game Teddy and I (or as they named me on the screen “Oopsy Poopsy”) were neck and neck. Well of course I pulled out in front of him. It was down to Nancy and I. I was 3 pins behind in the 8th frame. Then boom I knock down a strike in the 9th, things are looking solid. The 10th frame came around and I needed just 7 more pins for the win (I think). Boom, another strike! Two in a row. I’m pumped, it’s all wrapped up. I pick up my magic “Oopsy Poopsy” ball again, set my concentration and boom! Strike three, that’s a turkey baby! The crowd goes wild! The game was won. Now I had one roll left, this was just for kicks (haha, not really I was determined). And you guessed it right, strike number four! Never have I finished a game of bowling with a turkey in the 10th frame. But four in a row to finish it! I wanted to keep going! I ended with a 170 after a mediocre game through the first half. It was the highlight of my bowling life. And everyone erupted! Each one of those rolls was more intense. More than anyone I was competing against myself. The ball was in slow motion, my nerves were tense and I was feeling the stress take over my body, fearing that I missed the sweet spot but just inches. Each roll got a little more nerve-wracking to see if I could keep it up. I delivered! Great game Nancy!

Merritt’s If you’re ever in Boise the place to go is Merritt’s Country Café. When you go there is only one thing you can order, SCONES! Yes, lots and lots of scones. This is the best local place to eat in town, a small little café with big taste. These scones are delicious! Ten of us rocked out the place. And it’s not just the scone, it’s the experience. College kids pack this place. We played the juke box and belted out lyrics. Took dozens of crazy photos. Hung spoons from our noses. Picked up glasses in our mouths by wrapping our lips all the way around. We laughed and giggled our way through the scones. The sad part was when we were all singing a country song some two punk guys a few booths away who shouted “What a gay song,” when it ended and then called Joey a “fagot” on the way out when we were done. Well, if they can’t have fun by singing along to random songs and laughing the night away they need to well, I don’t know. Too bad for them. We had the evening of a lifetime in my opinion. I’m sure it will be talked about between the crew for a long time. Oh, by the way the scone was the most delicious thing I’ve had to eat on this trip. I chose a powdered sugar scone topped with raspberry sauce and whipped cream. Once again I’m blown away.

While driving home it especially hit me that these people are going to be great friends for years to come and some of the fondest memories of the trip. It was a special day with a big variety. I have to give a sincere thank you to the crew for spoiling me, showing me around, and giving me the time of my life. Here’s to the best day ever.

Today’s Diet Breakfast: 1 donut, 1 mocha Lunch: 1lb burger, 1lb tater tots (of course I didn’t finish it or hold it down) Dinner: Milkshake Second Dinner: Raspberry scone

“Oh weird, Bugys’s having the best day ever for the first time in his life.”

Blog Date Posted: Oct 31, 2006 | 1036 words | comments 2 Comments
Comment by Mom
From Baraga, MI

Good grief, I can't believe you ate that hamburger and the scone (which looks absolutely fabulous, by the way!) on the same day! You are a true glutton for punishment!

Comment by Brock Cutler
From Boise, ID

Wow, this blog makes me so happy. I have lived in Boise my whole life and just recently went out of state to go to college. I have been really homesick, not just for my parents and my house, but for Boise. This blog shows the attitude and feeling as to why I love Boise so much. I miss it, and all my great friends from Boise. I am so glad you had such an awesome time in Boise. It truly is an awesome place.