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Daily Fruit

It's a Jeep Thing

Saturday, Apr 28, 2007 from Tampa, Florida

…you wouldn’t understand. Actually you would if you spent 8 months driving one. I love my Compass. And no, this is not just a plug. My good pal Armin from Milwaukee asked me to share a little more about my Compass with all of you. Armin… here is your wish, my Jeep Compass blog.

For starters the Compass’ slogan is “Freedom in a whole new dimension.” I think most people would easily agree that’s been the case for me. I love seeing other Compass’ on the road, which has been a lot more frequent lately. I’m always sure to give a honk or a wave. One of those waves turned out to be one of my big fans who I e-mail often. As for the Jeep owners that I stay with, they are very loyal. The brand loyalty I see in Jeep owners is quite rare for any produce or brand.

On to my beautiful Compass. After _____ miles I know it pretty well. You should go test-drive one Armin. One unique thing that everyone seems to comment on are the outside door handles on the read doors. The flashlight that pops out of the rear dome light has been very handy during different situations. I’m not sure how common of a feature it is, but one that my dad pointed out that he really wants is that the Compass has two trip meters, which has been awesome for my trip. Anyone would love this feature, it has a regular two-prong jack in the center console. So you don’t need a special adapter for your phone or anything else. I can charge my camera batteries and computer while on the road. Very handy! I’m not quite sure why people need these huge SUVs. The compass is a great size and has more than enough room for me to pack for an entire year! The 23 fold down rear seats are a must! Those are very handy. I love the leather and seat designs. I’m sold on Sirius Satellite radio while traveling. Other than that… listen to your local stations. I haven’t calculated the whole trip, but I’m guessing my average MPG on the trip is between 26 and 28. Once again, most important to me is it’s comfortable! And that means everything is easy to use, I never get tired driving the Compass! Everything is easy to use while driving. Also, I’ve been in just about every kind of weather without a problem. I can speak first hand about the breaking, and it stops on a dime! Best breaking in its class I believe. That’s my take on it. Oh, the sound system rocks! One of the best stock systems I have heard, and I don’t think I’ve ever turned it up all the way, it huts my ears. And with that not, you can’t forget about the fold down speakers in the rear. Great for a tailgate or out playing some ball at your local basketball court!

This turned into a pretty long blog. Does that answer your questions Armin? Any specific questions about it, or anyone else? Thanks for asking! Ok, maybe just a quick plug, go test drive one! It’s fun to drive.

And maybe you’ll recognize this guy from the Compass commercials.

Blog Date Posted: Apr 28, 2007 | 546 words | comments 3 Comments
Comment by Jim
From Harbor Beach, MI

Hi, Just wanted to let you know what a great piece on the Compass. My wife and I each got one last November; both loaded Limiteds. To say we love them is an understatement. My last two vehicles were a '98 Cherokee and '03 Liberty and I rate the Compass on a par with both. I never bought either for off-roading and the Compass is for the Michigan winter scene. They performed excellent in all weather conditions. Just wanted to let you know that there are other satisfied Compass owners out here. Jim

Comment by Jessica
From Romeo, MI

I love my Compass. I agree when you say it's fun to drive. I make up reasons just to get behind the wheel and drive. I spend most Sunday's with my son, mom and grandmother driving around enjoying the day. It's the most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned. The features are great! Everything is right at my fingers tip. I got everything on it I wanted at such a great price. Enjoy your road trip...maybe we will run into each other one day.

Comment by Jeanna
From Nebraska City, NE

I have been driving a 1995 Grand Cherokee Larado for the past 10 years and I just turned over 150,000 miles last week! I'm convince that they are wonderful; the best of both worlds. From hauling supplies for the Bed and Breakfast, to a Christmas tree on the top. An antique kitchen cupboard made it safe in the back from Houston to Austin and I pulled a trailer through 4 states. I love to hitch on my bike rack, 3 bikes and still have room for friends and luggage. And, when it's neccessary, and we decide to clean up nice and go out on the town, it cleans up nice too and provides me the ability to chauffer my friends around in comfort. Although it's my dream to someday own a CJ5 (I admired a yellow and black one from afar when I was younger) the Compass might have to do as my next jeep. But, I'm not a new car buyer, so my current one just needs to hold on for a few more years until a good used Compass comes on the market - OR, maybe I'll just splurg and buy new?? I don't have 4-wheel drive or heated seats - two things that would be really nice here in Nebraska. It IS a jeep thing!